Saturday, 31 May 2014

W1 Project film of BBC's New Broadcasting House

The BBC's W1 project was a ground breaking achievement. This film celebrates the end of the W1 project and some of its successes which I hope will continue for many years to come. Here are the project's key statistics:

  • creative renewal of the News Channel, the One, Six and Ten O’Clock TV News Bulletins and BBC World News 
  • 5,539 people moving from ten buildings across London into four in the W1 postcode 
  • Radio Four and World Service news sequence programmes, Newsnight, Marr and Hardtalk 
  • three 24 hour News Channels, 3 Network Radio Stations (R1, R2, R4) and 26 World Service language hubs 
  • 92,000 square metres of the redeveloped Broadcasting House to be refurbished and fitted out 
  • 3,000 kms of cabling 
  • 41,886 training days and 126 different courses that have been provided 
  • cut storage requirements from 19 linear kilometres of ‘stuff’ by 75%. 
Budget and Benefits
  • a £1.046bn budget 
  • £736m financial benefits from the sale of other properties 
  • creative and collaboration benefits of bringing so many BBC staff under one roof. 

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